Curriculum - CARE Groups

At Kew Primary School we have adopted the following school values, Community, Achievement, Resilience, Empathy.


  • To increase student understanding and awareness of the school values and student code of conduct
  • Enhance student collaboration and wellbeing in a mixed-aged setting
  • To provide a wholistic welfare program across the school
  • To provide a platform for consistent language and approach to student welfare
  • To build resilience and develop student leadership

 Program outline

A mentor teacher is assigned to a group of about 17-20 students from Prep to Year 6. There is CARE Day each term to celebrate one of the CARE values. Whenever possible the students remain with the assigned mentor teacher for their time at KPS, saying goodbye to year 6 student leaders at the end of each year, and welcoming the new prep students at the beginning of each year.