Digital Technologies @ Kew

We have allocated significant resources to ensure access to high quality digital technologies at Kew Primary Sschool. All students at Kew Primary have access to a range of digital technologies, including laptops and iPads. Every class in Prep has a bank of class iPads to use and we have recently purchased more iPads in the Year 1 and 2 area, to ensure a ratio of 1 iPad for every two students.  Students in Year 3-6 have a 1:1 iPad program. There are also banks of laptops in the Junior, Middle and Senior School areas, and every learning space is equipped with either a projector screen, interactive screen or large screen TV, all of which are connected to Apple Boxes. Our specialists also utilize technology during their lessons where and when appropriate.

We are very mindful of cyber safety and have recently become an eSmart accredited school. We constantly teach our students to usie all forms of digital technology in a responsible and safe manner.

Digital technologies foster 21st century learning skills such as collaboration, digital literacy, inquiry and creativity. We believe technology can make learning engaging and relevant to the students and are an integral part of preparing our students for the future.

 According to the Victorian Curriculum, the Digital Technologies curriculum aims to

  • design, create, manage and evaluate sustainable and innovative digital solutions to meet and redefine current and future needs
  • use computational thinking and the key concepts of abstraction; data collection, representation and interpretation; specification, algorithms and development to create digital solutions
  • apply systems thinking to monitor, analyse, predict and shape the interactions within and between information systems and the impact of these systems on individuals, societies, economies and environments
  • confidently use digital systems to efficiently and effectively automate the transformation of data into information and to creatively communicate ideas in a range of settings
  • apply protocols and legal practices that support safe, ethical and respectful communications and collaboration with known and unknown audiences.


We are eSmart

Our school is proud to officially be an eSmart school. Since we first registered with the program, we have introduced many new policies and activities to improve the way our school manages cybersafety, bullying and cyberbullying. We feel confident our students, staff and the wider school community are now well supported to be smart, safe and responsible users of digital technology. We encourage everyone in the school community to continue to uphold and promote eSmart behaviours, at school and at home. If you are aware of any incidents of bullying, cyberbullying or risky online behaviour, please contact the Principal or our eSmart coordinator.

Other information about cyber safety: