Foundation (Prep)

Newsletters 2020

Term 1 - Specialist Newsletter

Before starting school

During the weeks before school starts you can help your child prepare for school by talking positively about school and school routines.

Assist your child to:

  • fasten and unfasten own coat, shoes etc
  • recognise own name and belongings
  • put away toys, dolls, games etc
  • help in simple tasks
  • repeat name and address in an audible voice
  • listen carefully and carry out simple tasks

The First Days

The first weeks can be exhausting for your child.

Your child may:

  • feel overwhelmed by so many students
  • be confused by the size of the school, the number of rooms and bells
  • feel overwhelmed by other students in his/her class and by many new activities
  • be worried about using the toilet which is used by other students
  • be overcome by fatigue caused by hot weather
  • become over-excited because of the different routines.

Try to give your child extra support and understanding during this period of adjustment.

School Times For Prep Students

Prep students’ hours in the first term are: 8.50am - 3.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Prep students do not attend school on Wednesdays in February.

Bringing Your Child To School

Students can come into the Junior School building after the 8.50am bell has rung.

Assist your child to hang up his/her bag on the named peg, before coming into the classroom or going outside to play. The students should bring their own belongings into the classrooms. A warning bell rings at 8.50am and at the 9.00am bell please say goodbye and leave.

If you wish to speak to the class teachers at the beginning of the year, please be brief as they will be very involved with the management of new students.

A note indicating a concern is also a good idea so that the teacher can report back to you at a more convenient time.

Dismissal Procedure

We ask that you wait outside in the playground, until your child is dismissed. Please consider that other programs will be continuing in adjoining classrooms and the Junior School hall.

Allow your child to collect belongings and notices before joining you. This will assist your child in achieving independence in relation to school routines and procedures.