Visual Arts

The Kew Primary art room is a well equipped, spacious and visually attractive room that is always open for parents and friends to visit. There are both wet and dry working areas, a carpeted seating space, ample storage for new and recycled materials, an office and a kiln. The art room is located on the ground floor of the main building.  All students from Prep to Year 6 visit the art room once a week. The Victorian Essential Learning Standards are used as a guide for planning and all students are involved in creating, making and presenting art works. They also participate in arts criticism, aesthetics and discussions about past and present contexts.

The students explore the areas of painting, drawing, construction, printing, collage, modelling and textiles.  Most activities are designed to support classroom thematic work and build upon the students' skills and knowledge and their appreciation of art.    

Students have the opportunity to work individually and on group projects. They are encouraged to share and discuss their own work and that of their peers. Tasks are usually open-ended and assessment and reporting is on an individual basis.

Students' art work is displayed in the art room and in a variety of locations around the school.   

Please read the school newsletter for regular updates from the art room.

Shelley Ware