Year 4 Camp at Mt Evelyn

Posted on Tuesday 9, February 2021

From Amelia 4MH

On the 1st of Feb all of the year 4 students went on a bus to Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp. Mt Evelyn is in the Dandenong Ranges, approximately 40 minutes from Kew Primary. As we got closer tall trees towered above us and kookaburras were heard laughing their heads off. Houses started to disappear as we drew nearer. At last we arrived! The first thing I saw was a crystal clear pool. Then a building and court. It was all very exciting.

There were so many activities to do at camp. The wildlife encounter was really cool. We got to hold a snake called Malia! She felt nice. The high ropes were fun too. I went all the way. It was a little scary at the top. The giant swing was really high up and as soon as I went to the top I felt so nervous. The rope pulling bit was scary but as soon as I had one swing the whole thing was amazing! When we walked to Silvan Dam on the third day we walked for nearly 2 hours! The view was so cool! The trees were simply enormous!

We had really nice food at camp. The first dinner was chicken and vegetables. Lunch was a wrap. Dinner was lasagne and lunch was a sandwich.

The cabins were really comfortable. The mattresses were spongy (at least mine was). We had bunks and a window with a view of camp. Seeing trees all through the night really tires you out!

Camp was a really fun and exciting experience and everyone who goes is going to love it!

From Nestor 4MH

On Monday, the first of February, all the year four students went to Mt Evelyn recreation camp. We loaded our luggage into the bus, a chatter of excitement hung in the air. The bus ride was about forty minutes long.

In the bus it was cramped and loud. When we neared camp the scenery changed from shops, houses and schools to grassy fields and big trees. Tall, thick, looming trees greeted us when we pulled into camp. Brooke, the camp leader welcomed us and told us about the rules at camp.

There were a lot of fun activities waiting for us at camp like the giant swing, wildlife encounter, flying fox, low ropes, high ropes and crating. My favourite one was the giant swing where your group pulls a rope and once you are at a comfortable height, you pull a chord and you whoosh backwards.

We also had great food like roast chicken, wraps, apple pie or lasagne. My favourite was the roast chicken because it smelled and tasted heavenly.

I had a really fantastic time at camp especially when we did the super fun activities.

Yr4_HighRopes.jpg  Yr4_Snake2.jpg