Enrolling your Child

You may print out the student enrolment form below and return to the school or collect a form from the school office.

If your child is to start at Kew Primary School in 2020, please use the form below:

2020 Enrolment Form

If your child is to start at Kew Primary School in 2021, please use the form below:

2021 Enrolment Form

For further information or brochures please phone (03) 9853 8325 Fax (03) 9853 3029 or send an email to:kew.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au 

Questions about Enrolment

How do you know if you are eligible to enrol your child at Kew PS?

Kew PS has an official cap of 500 students. However, if Kew PS is the closest State Primary School to your residential address you are eligible to attend Kew PS.

Follow this link to find out your closest public school.

The Kew Primary School enrolment boundary as displayed is implemented via a line half way between neighbouring schools in all directions. If a family lives inside this area then Kew Primary is considered the nearest local school and have the right to enrol at any time. If a family lives outside of this boundary they are also able to attend Kew Primary providing there is capacity. Please contact the school to confirm this.

Kew Primary School Catchment Map

When should you enrol your child?

If you are new to the neighbourhood and would like your child to attend Kew PS, you should contact the school as soon as possible to begin enrolment process.

If you are a Prep 2019 parent, enrolments will begin early in 2018. Come in and meet our wonderful office staff who will point you in the right direction to assist in a smooth and well informed transition from Kinder to Primary School.