Fees & Donations

Kew Primary School is committed to excellence in teaching and learning through innovative educational programs to improve student outcomes. Parent contributions are vital in helping the school to continually improve our students’ learning environment.

Parent Payments

In accordance with DEECD policy, each year School Council can request the following parent payments:

  1. Essential education items which are compulsory and include costs as stationery, text books and associated learning materials.
  2. Optional extras which families may choose for their child to access (including swimming and camps).   
  3. Voluntary financial contributions to help meet the cost of grounds improvement, library, technology and building maintenance.

Categories for Voluntary Contributions

  • Library and Learning Trust Fund                     $100 per student (suggested amount)
  • Building Fund (tax deductible)                         $100 per student (suggested amount)
  • First Aid                                                            $30 per student (suggested amount)

Please read the information on our fees for 2020.


If you would like to make a philanthropic donation, please log in to the Try Booking account http://www.trybooking.com/FAOF and confirm the amount of your donation and the purpose for the funds.

Kew Primary School thanks you for your generosity and support.