Support Programs

Some students experience difficulties with their learning and this can be very distressing for them and their parents. Others may have speech or language difficulties that impact upon their learning as well as their social and emotional wellbeing. At Kew Primary School we can offer the services of a child psychologist as well as a speech pathologist at no cost to families. All that is needed is a referral by the class teacher and a signed consent form from a parent to start this process.

We have a number of students who enrol that have little or no English and need a special setting such as the Collingwood or Blackburn Language Schools. Information about these settings can be obtained at the office or by contacting those schools directly. Having completed this intensive English language program the students then return to Kew Primary School and are assigned a class for the remainder of that year. If those language schools have no vacancies then an outreach teacher will visit the school and organise a program for these students that their class teacher will implement.