Kew Primary School Canteen Information


At the Kew Primary School Canteen, students can enjoy a range of appetizing snacks and lunch orders that comply with current Government Policy. 

The Canteen opens at recess and lunchtime on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays for snacks ranging in price between 50c and $2.  It’s a great way for children to gain confidence by buying over the counter and learning to deal with money; being great for their maths!

The Canteen provides wholesome, nutritious food choices, encourages a healthy, balanced diet and strongly encourages the linking with, and complements, classrooms activities.

Lunch Ordering

Use a paper bag with your child’s name, class, items ordered and the total cost written clearly on the front and the money inside the paper bag.

Your child then takes their order to the window before school. All orders go directly to the Canteen each morning.

At lunchtime, all lunches are collected from the Canteen and taken to the classrooms for distribution by the class teacher.


The Canteen is staffed by a manager and volunteers.  The children really love to have their own “special helper” serving them at recess or lunchtime.  It is a wonderful way of meeting other members of the school community.  The manager provides positive recognition to volunteers on an everyday basis and a volunteer “thank you” event at the end of the year.

Please feel free to drop into the Canteen on Monday, Wednesday or Friday to have a chat with us.

Kind Regards, Dem Petersen

(Registered Food Handling and Canteen Supervisor)