School Uniform

The attractive school uniform is a very practical and economical way of dressing your child for school life. The range of items and sizes from 4 to16 cater for all needs and can be obtained from Bob Stewart’s in High Street, Kew.

Please ensure all children are clothed sensibly, including footwear (thongs or open-toed sandals are not permitted).

It is school policy that during terms 1 and 4, that Sunsmart hats are to be worn. Please ensure all clothing and hats are named.

Lost Property

The school has three lost property bins located in the Junior Hall, near the School Office and in the After School Hours room.

Student Attendance

Leaving School During School Hours - If you need your child for any reason, such as a medical or dental appointment, during school hours, please send a written request stating the time you will collect him/her from the classroom. Parents need to sign out students if they leave during the day. The sign out book is located at the general office.

Students are not permitted to leave the school ground during school hours.

Arriving Late For School - If students are late they must be signed in at the office before going to class.

Absences - A written note to the classroom teacher outlining reasons for an absence is required for auditing. Notification of student absences by telephone on the day is appreciated between 8.30 - 9.00am.

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