Welcome to Kew Primary & what is the PTA?

The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) has 2 goals:  

  1. Our first goal is to encourage a strong sense of community at our school, where everyone feels that they belong, and relationships can grow that help support the school at every level. 
  2. Secondly, we help fundraise to make improvements to our school, like the new sandpit, and the newly installed air-conditioning in the Junior School, and Performing Arts room.

We have more than 31 different nationalities at our school, which is a key positive for our school, and amazing for our kids and families to experience.

KPS has a high level of parent involvement, which is fabulous, and helps build a strong sense of community at our school. 

Please think about becoming involved in whatever way you can at KPS. We welcome you, and wish you a fantastic time of learning and enjoyment!

The PTA meets on a monthly basis during term time and meeting dates/times are published in the newsletter. All parents and carers are welcome to attend our meetings. If you are interested in a role on the core committee or as a class representative, or if you would like to share ideas and let us know about your availability to help at an event please contact the school office - we'd love to hear from you!