Kew Primary Second Hand Uniform Shop

Senior School Building, Ground Floor – dates of when the shop will be held will be published in the Newsletter.

The Second Hand Uniform Shop welcomes donations of School Uniforms, Library bags, or plain raincoats.  However, please do not donate items that are in need of repair, are badly faded or stained. (Donations can be left at the school office).

For those parents wishing to buy uniforms, all items in the shop are laundered (where practical), in good condition, and are ready to wear!

** All proceeds from the sale of second hand uniforms (& commissions earned from label orders) will go towards items/activities for the School Community as determined by the PTA and School Council.

Current  Uniform Prices:

  • Polar fleece vest  $10
  • Summer dress  $10
  • Rugby top / windcheater  $8
  • Winter skirt  $10
  • Short/long sleeved polo top  $8
  • School shorts  $6
  • School hats  $6
  • Track pants  $6
  • Senior School Kew Sports top  $10
  • House polo shirts  $10
  • Skorts  $6
  • Navy/plain spray jacket  $6
  • KPS rainjacket  $15
  • School bag  $10